Baselayer Core


The BASELAYER CORE line delivers state-of-the-art raised floor space, configurable in standardized increments of predictable capacity indoors and outside.


CORE C20 Data Module
The CORE C20 Data Module is a state-of-the-art, compartmentalized, raised floor data center space that delivers standardized increments of predictable capacity • Delivers up to 500 kW of Critical IT power and cooling for up to fifty (50) 50U Cabinets @ N • Technology-agnostic design with 994 square feet (92.4 m2) of available IT space.
Unit PUE Range
As low as 1.15
(Dependent upon Environmental and Operational Conditions)

Maximum Module Capacity
Maximum Available kW at 25 °F ∆T
500 kW
450 kW
200 kW

Maximum Module Density, kW/Cabinet
(50) 24″ (609 mm) Cabinets
Outside Rows (36)
Center Row (14)
12.0 kW/Cabinet
4.0 kW/Cabinet
11.0 kW/Cabinet
4.0 kW/Cabinet
4.0 kW/Cabinet
4.0 kW/Cabinet

Access Control
Open Compartmentalized Architecture, Enhanced Security Encryption, Versatile Interoperability, Proximity Card Readers (Keypad and Biometric Options Available), Layers of Physical & Logical Protection, Separate IT & Support Space Access
IP Based Camera
Door Locks
Electronic Locks

Fire System
<span”>Dedicated Fire System
Externally Accessible Fire Control Panel, Pre-Discharge Alarm & Strobe Lights, Fire Pull Station, Abort Hold Button and Keyed Bottle Disconnects
Smoke Detection/span>
Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Sensors
Fire Suppression
Clean Agent Fire suppression (Non-Ozone Depleting Agent)
Fire Rating
NFPA 72 Compliant and UL-Listed Fire Equipment
Exterior Dimensions US(Metric)
Length Width Height
42’ 8” (13.0 m) 23’ 4” (7.1 m) 13’ 5” (4.0 m)

Interior Dimensions US(Metric)
Length Width Height
42’ 0” (12.8 m) 22’ 0” (6.7 m) 8’ 5-1/2” (2.6 m)

Interior IT Space Area
994 ft2 (92.3 m2)
Technology-agnostic design with 994 ft2 of IT space. Cold Aisle = 4′ (1.2 m), Hot Aisle = 3’6″ (1.0 m)

Estimated Module Shipping Weight US(Metric)
104,000 lbs (47,174 kg) (Excludes IT equipment and cabinets)

Standard IT Cabinets (Quantity)
(50) 24” (609 mm) Cabinets (Up to 50U) (38) 30” (762 mm) Cabinets (Up to 50U)

480 V, Three-Phase, 60 Hz/400 A 400 V, Three-Phase, 50 Hz/400 A

Incoming Power Feeds
Configurable Up To (8) 480 V, 400 A, 60 Hz, 3-phase or (8) 400 V, 400 A, 50 Hz, 3-phase. Two 400 A feeds per PDU

Power Distribution Unit
(4) 200 kVA PDUs

Cooling Type
Chilled Water, Air Handling Units (AHU)

Leak Detection
Spot Leak Detection
Download C20 Spec Sheet
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BASELAYER CORE units are configurable in many deployment scenarios. This deployment delivers up to 1.5MW of Critical IT power and Cooling for up to one hundred fifty (150) 50U racks @ N redundancy.

BASELAYER deployments can consist of both power and data (IT) modules configured and tested from the factory with an enhanced integrated Module Control Unit (MCU) providing access to real-time module sensors. Power and cooling redundancy thresholds, along with analytics and historic trending, are all available through BASELAYER RunSmart OS deployment module
Unit PUE Range
As low as 1.15 (Dependent upon Environmental and Operational Conditions)

Total Product Installation Footprint
5,120 ft2 (475.9m2)

Critical IT Footprint
2,772 ft2 (257.7m2)

Minimum Facility Ceiling Height
19’4″ (5.89m)

Access Control
Open Compartmentalized Architecture

Dedicated Fire System
Each unit comes with an Externally Accessible Fire Control Panel and High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors

NFPA 72 Compliant Designed to UI Tier III level parameters – Concurrently Maintainable