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Where does your base layer need to be?

  The first in seriesThe foundation of any enterprise in the 21st century is its data center infrastructure – what we refer to as an enterprise’s “base layer.” The location of an enterprise’s base layer determines latency, power costs, power profile, data center operating and capital efficiency, and a host of other performance metrics. In […]

The Growing Connection Between Smart Speakers, Digital Voice Assistants, and Modular Data Centers

I just read an article on Data Center Frontier: “The Rise of Smart Speakers and Voice Could Boost Data Centers.” This article cites a recent RBC Capital Markets report, which tells us “41 percent of Americans owned a voice-activated speaker in 2018, up from only 21.5% in 2017.” Also, the DCF article gives us this […]

The Future of the Edge

Foresight is our ability to accurately predict future outcomes. When looking at the long-term view of the current digital revolution, it’s not hard to envision a world that is fundamentally different from today. We are only at the beginning of the global trends of IoT, artificial intelligence and the mountains of data it all generates. […]


The modular building blocks for the digital world comes in different sizes. After our BASELAYER EDGE portfolio was firmly established, we began to see mid-size enterprises with tight budgets wanting to quickly deploy 5-10 racks of IT capability and 50 KW of cooling and power in a very compact footprint inquire about our offerings. They […]


The ease of deployment and the simplicity of our CORE modules coupled with the success of our RunSmart platform led us to expand our product line to serve the “edge” computing market. Many people have heard the buzzword “edge” but still wonder what it really means.

Modular Data Centers Facilitating “Smarter” Cities

Cities around the globe are racing to become smarter using data and technology to improve quality of life for its citizens and to foster economic growth. Smart Cities require IoT devices and sensors integrated with Information and Communications at a large scale. Enormous data gets collected from, processed, and fed to transportation network, autonomous vehicles, […]

BASELAYER EDGE X2 Shaping Your Next Sports Arena Experience

When most people think of sports arenas and stadiums, they picture the defensive line in a football game or a puck flying through the air inside a hockey rink. They’re not thinking all that much about the speed of the Wi-Fi network or the computing power behind the jumbotron display—until they try to upload a […]

How BASELAYER is Filling in the Gaps in the Metro Core and Metro Edge

Network cables form the nervous system of internet and communication, connecting people, devices, and businesses around the world. Submarine cables bring continents together and long-haul fiber cables run across countries. Then, there is a metro core which feeds the front end of a city. From here, you have what is called the metro edge which […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The BASELAYER Timeline and the History of Data Centers

Since our founding in 2008, BASELAYER has been ahead of the curve on every aspect of the data center revolution. The trend is easy to see in the below infographic: BASELAYER is first to market with innovative designs that enable IT to be deployed anywhere it is needed. Whatever comes next, BASELAYER has you covered. […]

The Benefits of Modular Data Centers for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Two of the biggest concerns that enterprise clients have with traditional brick and mortar data centers is that they take a lot of time and money to build. These are two of the main reasons that modular data centers have become such an attractive alternative, especially for mid-sized enterprises. Let’s take a closer look at […]