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BASELAYER: Edge Computing Redefined

Data center design and manufacturing is accelerating rapidly to keep up with current IT demands. Typically cost

BASELAYER Hits New York for DCD 2018

BASELAYER is excited to announce our participation in the 16th annual Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Transformation

Reflections on DCD Enterprise 2017

Three main “end user” themes stood out at DCD Enterprise New York as concerns when evaluating data center strategies.

Future of Data Centers – DCD Enterprise NY

On Day One of the 2017 Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Enterprise Conference in New York City

It’s a Modular Data Center, NOT a “Container”

The concept of the modular data center has gone through dramatic changes since the data center in

Are Those Pokemon Servers Down Again?

Eevee Meowth Arcanine Rattata Pikachu Pokémon Go has only been live for a month, and it’s already

New ASHRAE Standard – Impact on the Data Center Industry

On January 29th, 2016, ASHRAE released the standard 90.4P, Energy Standard for Data Centers for the third

BASELAYER Inventor’s Patent

We’re excited to announce our most recent patent, US 9,237,681 B2 MODULAR DATA CENTER. The inventors for

Data Center Efficiency Matters

Data center efficiency matters because the future of our planet depends on advances in sustainability. But boosting