The modular building blocks for the digital world comes in different sizes. After our BASELAYER EDGE portfolio was firmly established, we began to see mid-size enterprises with tight budgets wanting to quickly deploy 5-10 racks of IT capability and 50 KW of cooling and power in a very compact footprint inquire about our offerings. They needed to lighten the burden of a traditional data center project and align capacity much more closely with their actual scaled-down IT requirements.

Market analysts confirmed our own experience: “An anticipated wave of new edge capacity will differ in multiple ways from past edge buildouts,” 451 Research reports. “Most upcoming edge computing installations will not be incidental or tactical in nature but devised as part of strategic multi-tier IT services architectures. Micromodular datacenters will be characterized by their granularity and ease of deployment, their relative simplicity and their small size in terms of compute, connectivity, and power use. They will, of course, require far less capital, planning and ongoing operational support than their larger counterparts. Micromodular datacenters will increasingly be delivered as products rather than designed as buildings and systems.”

This need for affordable performance drove us to develop the BASELAYER EDGE X2 Series, which retains all the benefits of BASELAYER rich history and knowledge that came from our roots inside IO sitting on top of the RunSmart platform. Unlike competitors who put a data center in an ISO shipping container or try to lock you into a proprietary solution, BASELAYER EDGE X2 modular data centers provide a high-end product at a financially lean price point. The standardized yet customizable architecture provides the ability to deploy and provision data center resources incrementally and have them operational in as little as 120 days.

For the first time, service providers, enterprises of all sizes and governments now have infrastructure that is right for their needs. The right size that is dynamically provisioned and scalable, in the right place (anywhere) and has the right impact – consistent, automated and sustainable.

The BASELAYER EDGE X2 series offers both the hardware and the software to meet the needs of affordable edge computing. By revolutionizing performance, we enable our customers to utilize their critical infrastructure in ways they’ve never been able to do before. Our goal is to reshape how performance is viewed in the data center through advanced modular technology, infrastructure management software, and big data analytics.