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Reflections on DCD Enterprise 2017

Post written by Chloe Place, Marketing Specialist at BASELAYER Last weekend I spent some time reflecting on last week’s DCD Enterprise Conference in New York City. Three main “end user” themes stood out as concerns when evaluating their data center strategies. Throughout the event, I heard speaking sessions and questions at our booth dealing with cost efficiencies, Data Center Infrastructure Management, and deployment times.

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Future of Data Centers – DCD Enterprise NY

Post written by Chloe Place, Marketing Specialist at BASELAYER   On Day One of the 2017 Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Enterprise Conference in New York City, Andreas Zoll, VP of Engineering and Manufacturing here at BASELAYER, shared the stage with fellow industry leaders for a panel discussion on the design, structure, and operations of data centers in the years to come. I was fortunate to sit in on the discussion to hear what this group had to say about the future of data center technology.

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It’s a Modular Data Center, NOT a “Container”

Post written by Brian Kortendick, Vice President of Business Development at BASELAYER The concept of the modular data center has gone through dramatic changes since the data center in a box concept was introduced in the mid 2000’s.  Early versions were deployed in form factors of convenience, such as ISO shipping containers. These containers were specifically designed to have minimal flexibility but to house high production servers with a short lifecycle. Unfortunately, many of today’s data center professionals still equate today’s modular data centers to the early containers.  

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Are Those Pokemon Servers Down Again?

Pokémon Go has only been live for a month, and it’s already taken over. It’s crossed all demographics and spread like wildfire. You probably can’t drive or walk through your neighborhood in the evening or pass by a park without seeing people playing. But what happens when you finally find that elusive Pokémon, only to have the game shut down and ruin your chance at capturing him?

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New ASHRAE Standard – Impact on the Data Center Industry

Robin Gilbert, Mechanical Engineer at BASELAYER

On January 29th, 2016, ASHRAE released the standard 90.4P, Energy Standard for Data Centers for the third public review. The most interesting, and let’s say controversial part of this standard, is that it eliminates the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) metric, of which the first release on this standard found to be of utmost importance. Below, one of our Mechanical Engineers, Robin Gilbert, gives his take on the third release – the good, the bad, the unusual.

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BASELAYER A60 Modular Data Center
BASELAYER Inventor’s Patent

Nicole Gallow is Marketing Manager at BASELAYER. We’re excited to announce our most recent patent, US 9,237,681 B2 MODULAR DATA CENTER. The inventors for this patent are as follows: William Slessman, CEO, BASELAYER Steve Durand, Managing Member, Arizona Pinnacle Engineering Robin Gilbert, Mechanical Engineer, BASELAYER Andreas Zoll, VP of Engineering, BASELAYER We received this patent for our A60 modular data center, which is a direct outside air handling unit with adiabatic assist and chilled water backup. This unit is designed to cool our modules with outside air. Congratulations, inventors!

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Data Center Efficiency Matters

Samir Shah is VP, Product Management at BASELAYER. Data center efficiency matters because the future of our planet depends on advances in sustainability. But boosting data center efficiency also matters on the bottom line. For example, in a side-by-side comparison of a modular data center and a traditional raised-floor data center, an independent analysis found that the modular data center was 19% more efficient – efficiency that translated into annual savings of $200,000 per megawatt of average IT power for customers deployed in modules. So for the planet – and your bottom line – here are 5 tips for boosting data center efficiency in your organization:

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