RunSmart for Anywhere


Experience the full potential of Baselayer modules with RunSmart’s integrated software solution. RunSmart allows you to safely and securely monitor, track, and maintain your datacenter infrastructure anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world on a single unified console.

Integrated Module Views

RunSmart provides transparency into the metrics that matter to you, such as utilization, cost, health, and sustainability of your modular data center. With functional and reliable dashboards that provide detailed views into operations and facility equipment.
RunSmart DCIM Integrated Module Views
RunSmart DCIM Connected Devices

Connect ALL of your Devices

Monitoring doesn’t stop at the Module, add your global infrastructure to RunSmart and intelligently monitor traditional data centers, chiller plants, generators, power distribution systems, or other Building Management Systems. Gain a holistic view of your operation and allow RunSmart to show you a smarter way to manage your infrastructure.

Do More with Add-Ons

Elevate the performance of your datacenter, no matter where it is, with advanced features from RunSmart. Utilize our proprietary workflow and integrated graphic engines to predict the future needs of your organization, trend key indicators, report inefficiencies, and automate processes & alerts to decision makers for accountability.
RunSmart DCIM Add-Ons