IE Corp. expands their reach in the Edge Data Center market with the acquisition of Baselayer.
It’s been almost a year since Data Center Frontier published “Edge Computing: The Data Center Frontier Special
We have two points of clarification for the Data Center Frontier article published on July 3, 2019,
The foundation of any enterprise in the 21st century is its data center infrastructure – what we
We have been promoting what we hope will be an industry-wide dialogue, “Where does your base layer
The first in seriesThe foundation of any enterprise in the 21st century is its data center infrastructure
I just read an article on Data Center Frontier: “The Rise of Smart Speakers and Voice Could
Foresight is our ability to accurately predict future outcomes. When looking at the long-term view of the
The modular building blocks for the digital world comes in different sizes. After our BASELAYER EDGE portfolio
The ease of deployment and the simplicity of our CORE modules coupled with the success of our
Cities around the globe are racing to become smarter using data and technology to improve quality of
When most people think of sports arenas and stadiums, they picture the defensive line in a football
Network cables form the nervous system of internet and communication, connecting people, devices, and businesses around the
Since our founding in 2008, BASELAYER has been ahead of the curve on every aspect of the
Two of the biggest concerns that enterprise clients have with traditional brick and mortar data centers is
BASELAYER CEO William Slessman and Puget Sound Energy’s Christopher Perez recently had an intriguing discussion at DCD
BASELAYER has a specific mission that guides everything we do—to reshape how data center infrastructure is viewed
As both creators and proponents of data centers that perform, BASELAYER is always ready to learn, collaborate,
Data center design and manufacturing is accelerating rapidly to keep up with current IT demands. Typically cost
BASELAYER is excited to announce our participation in the 16th annual Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Transformation
Three main “end user” themes stood out at DCD Enterprise New York as concerns when evaluating data center strategies.
On Day One of the 2017 Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Enterprise Conference in New York City
The concept of the modular data center has gone through dramatic changes since the data center in
Eevee Meowth Arcanine Rattata Pikachu Pokémon Go has only been live for a month, and it’s already
On January 29th, 2016, ASHRAE released the standard 90.4P, Energy Standard for Data Centers for the third
BASELAYER A60 Modular Data Center
We’re excited to announce our most recent patent, US 9,237,681 B2 MODULAR DATA CENTER. The inventors for
Data center efficiency matters because the future of our planet depends on advances in sustainability. But boosting