Engineered By OperatorsTM

Introducing Baselayer

We got into this business in 2008 because we were data center operators at IO Data Centers.

We designed the first modules because old style, open white space was slow to deploy, different in every location, wildly expensive, and incredibly energy inefficient. So we designed the mods for ourselves first, as operators. That’s why we’re so passionate about this technology.

We manufacture prefabricated server rooms, the fastest and most efficient place to put racks of computers. They’re like giant, welded-steel Legos – big prefabricated rooms we call modules that you can configure any way you want, and put them anywhere you want, inside, outside, in the desert, or in snow country. We can deliver data center capacity at less than $5MM per megawatt all-in, and our mods run so efficiently they consume almost 20% less power than traditional data centers.

Some of our customers use our mods for their entire data center infrastructure. Some use them to relocate certain applications closer to customers and users to reduce latency and improve customer experience – deploying our mods can be as simple as getting land, pouring a concrete pad, and hooking up to a power source. Some customers use our modules to monetize underutilized power capacity that they don’t otherwise have the space to deploy.

Our mods are not shipping containers. They are highly engineered, purpose-built, welded steel enclosures with high security, that can be placed anywhere, in any environment, with confidence. Our modules do not need to be “ruggedized” as an afterthought, because they are designed to be rugged “out of the box.”

We were buying modules from ourselves – and operating them in a world class data center colocation footprint – before we ever asked anyone to buy them from us. We have deployed literally hundreds of mods and hundreds of megawatts of data center capacity on three continents. So this isn’t a science project – the technology is well beyond proven.